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Data Center Vaults

Data center vault

Many enterprise-class and Government colocation clients are now required to have added security beyond our private suite offerings. Due to these regulations and corporate requirements, InfoBunker now offers data center vaults. These are private fortresses within the bunker and are designed for 600 to 10,000+ square feet of space. They include the many features of the client rooms with the added security of being on a dedicated floor with all walls constructed of 5600PSI 15-inch thick concrete, massive steel reinforcing, and secured by a GSA-rated Class 5 or higher armory vault door. These doors conform to Federal Specification AA-D-600D and meet Federal criteria for the storage of classified National Security Information (NSI) and Top-Secret storage. This is the only offer in the state of Iowa to allow this level of security commercially.

Access is granted in accordance with all UL2050 standards through military-grade keypad and proxy systems in conjunction with the combination lock of the vault itself. By combining both physical and electronic means we can ensure total security for anyone who cannot afford to compromise a single data center security need.

In the event the client is sensitive to potential electromagnetic surveillance, a TEMPEST or SCIF rating can be applied to the data center vault's construction.

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