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The Data Center

The InfoBunker Iowa data center operates in a government communications bunker, purpose-built by the military to house sensitive electronic gear during the Cold War. Combining the best of commercial technology with military-grade reliability, InfoBunker provides the most secure and reliable location for your off-site data center, colocation and hosting needs.

  • Facility is over 65,000 square feet with all critical systems underground
  • 2N+2 Fully Redundant Air Handling & Cooling Systems
  • 2-Sided Independent A/B main Breakers
  • 3 Backup generators for N+2 redundancy
  • Entire complex is multistage air-filtered to 0.3 microns
  • Multi-Zoned FM200 Fire Suppression Systems
  • Backup Underground 17,000 Gallon Water-Based Fire Suppression
  • Ring-Fed Power Via Captured Substation
Survivability Features:
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Shielded to Military Standards
  • Three-foot Thick Reinforced Concrete, All-Subterranean Construction
  • Designed to Survive a 20-Megaton Nuclear Blast from 2.5 miles
  • On-Site Six Day Diesel Fuel Reserve
  • 17,000 Gallon Underground Freshwater Reserve Tank
  • All Critical Equipment Shock-Mounted on Isolation Pads
  • Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) Air Filtration