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People behind the data center


InfoBunker is a privately-held Des Moines Iowa corporation whose management is focused on becoming the industry-recognized leader in ultra-hardened, ultra-secure data center colocation. The management team is led by our co-founders, Jason McGinnis & Jeff Daniels.

Co-Founder Jason McGinnis serves as our President & Chief Technology Officer. He brings a long history of network engineering and data center management to the team with previous experience working on behalf of the various branches of the US Government and the US Military. He has worked for such companies and agencies as NASA, the Army Corps of Engineers, DARPA, VIA of Taiwan, and Silicon Graphics.

His prior experience and industry contracts bring us a wealth of resources and support in solving the 'unsolvable'. Jason is an active member of AFCOM, has completed the D.R.I. Master Courses for disaster planners and is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and with over 19 years in the industry. Data center specific certifications include CDCDP, DCOM, DCOS, DCIS, DCIE, DCIS, DCES, DCE, DCM, and DCA.

Our Executive Vice President, Mr. Jeff Daniels brings over 13 years of experience as a commercial real estate consultant representing retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Whole Foods, Staples, PetsMart and others.

His knowledge of lease negotiations and the fabled triple-net deal has led to our own triple-net sales model. Whereas a retailer signs a lease based upon space, rent and pass-throughs, our clients are able to understand the economics of their leases with terms broken down into simple-to-read and no hidden charges of space, power and connectivity. Jeff's experience in helping first-tier national retailers achieve their goals has led to an abundance of satisfied InfoBunker customers who enjoy a close working relationship with him.

Jeff has served on the board of the Iowa Contingency Planners Association and gives courses on Risk Mitigation to the Iowa Student Computing Association.

Click here to read a research article published by Mr. Daniels on electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high frequency electromagnetic weapons as threats to data centers and control systems.