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Data Center Power


InfoBunker has one of the most robust power systems of any colocation facility in the state of Iowa and any data center in the entire Midwest. Our clients enjoy the greatest feature of a properly run data center - low energy costs. We take pride in maintaining an average PUE of 1.28. The InfoBunker facility is rated up to 10MW of use by the local power company.


Our data center is supplied by a dedicated substation that is ring-fed via two other substations creating full redundancy on the unit. InfoBunker uses a full A + B system run throughout to supply physically diverse power runs to all floor UPS systems in both rack and room data center environments for maximum operability in the event of maintenance, failure or any other outage that may occur. All power is conditioned through our UPS systems before ever reaching a single piece of client equipment housed within the data center.

The switch gears operating the facility are digital MicroVersaTrip systems with IC overview capabilities for operational reliance as well as reduced failure in operational states. Four times per year, InfoBunker drops all external power to the facility to cause a full implementation of all switchgear and generator systems. This goes far beyond standard data center testing as it exercises all the equipment in an simulated emergency state. A full 2N power network throughout the facility gives the ability to perform all electrical maintenance without ever affecting any clients.


The ability for a data center to operate 'off the grid' is essential. InfoBunker produces emergency power via three separate 750kW turbine engine packages that operate as a data center owned co-generation plant. This is the only data center owned and operated turbine power plant in the state of Iowa.

These generators are capable of operating in either N with synching across all 3, N+2 or 2N+1 modes depending on the needs of the facility. This permits us to have maximum efficiency and reliability. In marked contrast to many traditional data centers, our turbines as well as the related air handling and filtration equipment are housed entirely within the facility to protect the units from any external incidents, either natural or man-made. The generators themselves are located in a specially constructed room composed of 12-inch thick concrete walls with massive steel reinforcements.

InfoBunker utilizes computer-controlled turbines (rather than standard diesel reciprocating engines) due to their high reliability and low maintenance requirements. Turbines have a minimum of moving parts meaning each of these units can operate continuously up to 35,000 hours or 2,500 starts before overhaul. This is the equivalent to 4.5 years of continuous run time or 208 years of test starts.

InfoBunker's turbines are multi-fuel compatible allowing us to use a variety of fuels in a crisis. This is a considerable advantage over traditional data center generators when sourcing emergency fuel supplies. A partial list of the fuels includes all viscous Bio Fuels, Jet A & B, Kerosene, Diesel #1 & 2, Grain Alcohol, FT & FT with blend, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, and interestingly enough, any 150+ proof Vodka, (although just as true with people, some damage may occur with prolonged consumption of Vodka).


The fuel for the generators is housed in its own buried bunker 25 feet underground next to the data center and encased in 2-foot thick concrete with a full steel sleeve. The tank has a 10,000-gallon capacity and is double-walled meeting the most stringent EPA regulations. Fuel is delivered to the turbines over a fully redundant A and B piping and pumping system to two 300-gallon day tanks that supply the immediate needs of the generators. In the event of a failure to both motors and loss of prime pressure to the system, a hand-operated backup may be utilized to fill the day tanks from the main reserve. At any given time no less than 5 days worth of fuel are stored on site to keep the data center running in even the worst of events.