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The Green Data Center

Green data center commitment


InfoBunker is committed to a sustainable future as the single most efficient commercial data center in the state of Iowa. Since begining colocation operations in 2006 InfoBunker has implemented a number of policies to reduce our environmental impact associated with data center operations. The double impact of the latest focus on Green IT combined with a challenging and increasingly-expensive energy market has forced companies to search for cost savings and greater sustainability in the colocation industry.


Here are a few of the areas where InfoBunker has focused to provide maximum uptime with minimal environmental impact:

  • 27.5% Powered by Renewable Energy
  • PUE Average of 1.2
  • Ultra-High-Efficiency Super-E Baldor motors and VFD's
  • Ultra-High-Efficiency Chillers and CRAC units
  • Free Cooling System Utilized 8+ Months Per Year
  • Minimal E-Waste via Corporate Recycling Programs
  • On-Site Waste Water Treatment with Disposal to Local Crops
  • Grey Water Re-Utilization for Landscaping
  • High Efficiency Lighting & Waste Recycling
  • Minimal Use of Environmentally Destructive Pesticides and Cleaners
  • Employee High Efficiency Vehicle Use Encouraged