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Data Center Security


Our colocation facility offers unsurpassed physical security. Other data centers cannot offer these levels of security without additional costs. InfoBunker is the most secure and hardened facility in the state of Iowa and most of the entire midwest.

Here are the key security features of our data center:

Bunker data center door

Secure Entrance To The Data Center

All persons entering the facility must first pass through a separate surface building and then through the dual 4.5 ton steel man trap security doors with a key card, biometric verifier, and cypher keypad. Software in the access controller logs all entry and exit attempts and then report them to site security. Visitors randomly undergo multistage ID check and screening procedures including a parcel search to prevent unauthorized materials from entering or leaving the data center. All equipment checked into the facility is randomly opened and screened for security prior to being admitted to the operations levels.

Surveillance Cameras

Cover every approach and all critical areas inside and surrounding the data center. Cameras have full views from diverse and independent angles; no key locations are without some form of visual security, and digital archives are kept should they need to be referenced at a later date.

Data Center Access Controls

All personnel must use a keycard, biometric verifier, and cypher keypad again to gain access through doors within the data center. Each set of doors acts as a man trap due to their secure design and nature of the system. Each door is secured by both maglocks and one inch steel bolts. This allows us to maintain complete control of all critical areas within the data center.

Remote Location

The data canter is located outside of town to ensures that no strike, traffic jam, chemical spill or other urban-related incident can interfere with data center operations and accessibility. Agricultural surroundings and inconspicuous location deter would-be saboteurs who would not suspect a high tech colocation facility to be outside of a metro area.

Our colocation facility offers unsurpassed physical security, far beyond any standard data center. Using systems designed for the NSA and other federal agencies to secure all parts of the data center and provide maximum peace of mind to our clients. These include biometric readers, the Hirsch access control system, ScrambleProx readers, and others. The Hirsch system is the only electronic security system to be named specifically by the DoD for securing Top-Secret facilities and is used to secure government Data Centers, FBI buildings, Embassies, Treasuries, Military Facilities, Atomic energy plants and the US nuclear stockpile.